Claymore Imports Bagpipe Cases
Claymore Bagpipe Case Grey

The Claymore Imports Bagpipe Case is a quality, American made case.   It was designed by pipers with over 50 years experience in the field.  The Claymore Imports Bagpipe Case was built with the piper in mind and has many features that no other bagpipe case has.

Claymore Bagpipe Cases

Claymore Bagpipe Case

Claymore Bagpipe Case Open

Sheet Music Holder

Gone are the days of carrying a music stand to band practice.  The Claymore case has 2 sheet music clips attached to the lid that hold your music while you learn a new tune.

Glengarry Pocket

During a long day at the Highland Games, you can always stick your Glengarry in the small of your back and hope your kilt belt holds

onto it. Now you can store it in this custom fit Glengarry pocket.



Detachable Water Bottle Holder

Made by L&M Highland.

Lid Snaps

Now you can choose whether you want your lid completely open or held up at a 90 degree angle.

Exterior Pockets

Stash your reeds, car keys, tuner, business cards, or cash in this handy side pocket.  Measuring at 7 inches wide by 5 inches tall, this pocket gives you quick access to what you need. The front pocket

runs the full length of the case (24” long) and gives you storage for larger items like practice chanters, blow pipes, corks, waxed hemp, etc.

Chanter Sleeve.

Protect your pipe or practice chanter with this neoprene sleeve.  Designed to fit a pipe chanter with a reed protector fastened to the top.

Chanter Sleeve
Claymore Bagpipe Case Bottom

Luggage Rails.

The bottom of the Claymore Bagpipe Case is decked out in 2 full length rails which create a barrier between your case and the damp grass or dirty asphalt. 

Claymore is the first to

introduce this type of

rail on a bagpipe


Claymore Bagpipe Case Shoulder Straps

Shoulder Straps.


Our shoulder straps give you the option of wearing your case like a backpack or off to the side like a duffle bag.  They adjust from 23" up to 32" in length and have a color matched pad with a vinyl gripper patch to reduce slipping.

Claymore Bagpipe Case Water Bottle Holder


Water Bottle



We have designed a custom loop that is sewn to the side of the Claymore Bagpipe Case that attaches to the L&M water bottle holder perfectly.  The best thing about this upgrade is that the leather holder is detachable and can be worn on the belt or on the case, depending on your daily needs.

Bagpipe Case Back Pack
Bagpipe Case Shoulder Strap
Bagpipe Case
Made in the USA

At Claymore Imports we want to keep the Scottish culture alive by importing Scottish made goods.  When it comes to zippered bagpipe cases, most of the outsourcing has gone to China.  We hope you will join us in our efforts to support American manufacturing and bring jobs back to America.

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